"Bon" is good in French and "Dep" means pretty in Vietnamese and these two words have been the driving forces in all our work and effort since the beginning in 2012. Through our company name and logo we are reminded every day on our guiding principle in all we create, manufacture and distribute.

Bon Dep started in the beginning with interiors products as a consequence of running an interior and lifestyle boutique for several years, but we have always been in love with those small things that you can spoil yourselves with so hair accessories early adapted in to our collections. We still develop our interior line for the Norwegian market, but our accessory lines have since years back been a dominant part of our business. 


We've been receiving a tremendous feedback from our resellers all the way and it seems like magic such huge and important part of the resellers revenue these accessories taking up very modest amount of space on the counter represents. It may be that an increasing number realize that they do not necessary have to buy a brand new outfit every time to renew themselves.

With our dedication to the beautiful and the good quality we almost went crazy when we found the factory who manufacture the Kknekki hair ties. We immediately saw that our vision became reality.  In all modesty; Kknekki is simply the worlds best hair tie. Their unique weaving technique makes them extreme gentle to any kind of hair and they won't  fade, fray or slacken, even when worn in salt water.  They're also allergic-friendly. The unique craft and weaving technique with more than 60 threads gave us almost infinity color and combination options. There is no limits to what have and can create of stunning colors. The best proof of its uniqueness is the endless number of attempts to copy them during the years, all failing on the quality.

Naturally a lot of effort was invested in the process of finding the right production facilities when we decided to extend our product lines with hair accessories like hairclips, claws, combs mm. From our perspective there is only a region of France who have the skills, the craft and traditions to combine the beautiful with our high quality requirements. We manufacture all our hair accessories in a particular area where the craft has been inherited for generations, only acetate is used as material and solely genuine Swarovski stones for decoration. The finish and solid construction of these unique crafted items you won't find other places. 

All in the passion of Bon Dep; good and pretty.  When you finally found your favorite piece, you would like it to last won't you? And it is all about making evry women or girl shine a little brigther...

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